Q: Do we accept returns and exchanges?

A: No returns at this time. If it doesn’t fit you should probably give it to someone it does and order another. If you are not satisfied leave us a message and we will respond, we will always strive to improve.

Q: Where is my fucking order?

A: If you’re looking for your order feel free to contact us. We promise we wont forget ya, even if we are super busy or even drunk... we will still ship as fast as possible!

Q: I want more Death Dodger in my life, where can I find more?

A: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @deathdoderclothing or SnapChat @deathdodgerOG

Q: Who do I complain to?

A. Call your fucking mom!. She will always listen, that's what moms do.

Q: When will new products be released?

A: We promise to release new shit once you buy out all our current shit. We are always working on new product and cant wait to show it to you.

Q: What is the atomic number of zinc?

A: 30. You’re welcome, have a fucking great day!